How We Work

Our naturopathic treatments give you the best health outcomes in the shortest possible time. After a thorough naturopathy consultation your individualised prescription may draw on dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation. Regular reassessments ensure that together we stay on track to fulfil your health goals.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines are nature’s pharmacy. They are used to treat wide ranging conditions to great effect. We use only the highest quality herbs prescribed in either liquid or tablet form. Many herbs are equal to if not better than pharmaceutical drugs but without the potential negative side effects. Some herbs, however, do have contraindications or drug interactions so it is best to have them prescribed by a qualified and experienced naturopath.


Optimal nutrition is the cornerstone to optimal health. Dietary alterations and nutritional supplementation ensure that your body has all the nutrients required to function at its best. We will arm you with the knowledge and resources you need to make these changes enjoyable and sustainable. Our naturopathic experience tells us that if you can make the changes to nourish your body correctly, you can enjoy a degree of health far beyond your expectations.

Specific areas of clinical nutrition include:

Weight management
Food intolerances
Sports nutrition
Paediatric nutrition

In House Testing

We employ a number of tests to complement the information gathered from our naturopathy consultations. This information then allow us to prescribe the most appropriate and effective prescription for you.

Some of the tests employed include:

Body Composition: Non-invasive and highly accurate, the body composition testing reveals important health markers such as your muscle mass and quality, fat mass and cellular health. It also gives an indication of your protein, carbohydrate and dietary fat requirements.
Urinary Indicans: A simple urine test to reveal any degree of digestive bacterial imbalance.
Zinc Tally: A taste test that reflects your zinc stores and requirements
Blood Pressure: Deviations from a normal healthy ranges are treated as a priority and may be reflective of broader health concerns. They are often rectified through dietary and lifestyle modifications.
Random Blood Glucose: An important test to assess for glucose control, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Functional Pathology Testing

We employ a range of functional pathology tests where indicated and use only the best laboratories in Australia and internationally.

Examples of such testing include IgG Food Intolerance Testing, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Salivary Hormone Testing and Urinary Organic Acid Profiles.


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